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Friday, May 12, 2017

The Timberwolves Need Gallo to Complete an All-Foreigner Starting Five

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          The decision of Danilo "Gallo" Gallinari opting out of his last season is eminent as he himself said that he wants to see what his value in the Free Agency is like. The one piece that made the Carmelo Anthony shift to New York from Denver Nuggets is him and he build a pretty solid performance with them as he averaged in 6 seasons in Denver 16.83 PPG, 4.4 RPG,  2.13 APG,  .85 SPG. 31 MPG. Hoping to land a max contract this coming Free Agency period he would like get it but from what team will he play next?

Gallo is Still Young

          Gallo at 28 does not even feel like playing at his prime yet with his last 2 seasons being his highest scoring and one of his most proficient scoring seasons as he averaged .43% and .38 3PT% in his last 2 seasons in the NBA. Being young fits to the timeline of the Minnesota Timberwolves for their future as a contender in the NBA. He can be the future veteran that the Timberwolves need as he has experienced playoff games in his tenure as a Nugget. He is also a forward that can shoot 3s even beyond the the 3 point line. 

Knows How to take Advantage with his Body

          Danilo Gallinari at 6'10" knows how to use his body from post moves to guarding smaller sized forwards during match ups. He can also guard almost any position because of his versatility in the court. One of his ability is slicing up the defense in order to score a basket when needed. 

The All-Foreigner Starting Five

          The Minnesota Timberwolves if you have not notice is the most talented team ran by almost non-american starters, making it thrilling to see how other players outside from the US can play a good game of basketball. Let us see what the Timberwolves will look like if Galinari is in the Line-Up

PG- Ricky Rubio  (Spain)
SG- Andrew Wiggins (Canada)
SF- Danilo Galinari   (Italy)
PF- Gorgui Dieng (Senegal)
C- Karl-Anthony Towns (Dominican Republic)

          Having Gallo on the line-up will complete the Starting Five of the Minnesota Timberwolves with all foreigners in the court. This can be a great basketball team that can be a talk of the town. 

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