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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Free Agency Series: Derrick Rose and Why He Does Not Fit.

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          The rumors regarding about the Minnesota Timberwolves trying to lure Derrick Rose out of New York this offseason might be one of the biggest names linked to us, aside from having P.J. Tucker being interested in joining us next season. However signing Derrick Rose might make the team worst rather than do better in many ways.

We Already Three Point Guards

          Having Ricky Rubio as a starter and both Kris Dunn and Tyus Jones share minutes together at the point guard position, by adding Derrick Rose to the lineup it would be hard to mix up the minutes with these 4 people, and moving someone at the shooting guard position won't be a good option as the best 3pt shooter out of the four will be Ricky Rubio.

He Will Be a Liability

          Derrick Rose's career is plagued with injuries. Torn his right meniscus twice, torn his ACL in the left knee. Now he torn his left meniscus. I don't think his knees will hold up for a full season with the team, even though he contributes to the game the Timberwolves cannot afford another season ending injury with him again. 

He Will Just Take Up a Lot of Cap Space

          Derrick Rose will be entering his first free agency after 8 years being in the NBA, Rose is expected to be seeking to have a bigger contract. But in the news report Derrick Rose is willing to accept a pay cut, the question is how much is he willing to get in order to agree a contract? It does not matter because he will still take a lot of our cap space. Why spend our big portion of the $32,000,000 cap space on one player? A cap so big we can sign 2 or 3 veteran role players.


          Not unless Derrick Rose wants to accept a huge pay cut and a bench role, I don't think Derrick Rose would be a great fit with the Minnesota Timberwolves. We really need to improve our 3 point shooting and defense and he can't provide both of it, even Ricky Rubio is a better 3 point shooter than Rose. 

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